Status Crisis

4:19 PM

Hello, beautiful creatures!
I have so many things to talk about. Too many topics based on my observations in social media and in real life. For those who stumbled upon my imperfect blog here, welcome. On my previous post, I said that I want to change to be a better person. To be more positive and optimistic. But life always give me lemons. That's not a topic I want to share.

I met  my very best friends few days ago. We shared our thoughts about everything. Jobs, activities, politics. I'm currently unemployed and that's why I'm being active in blog platforms. My best friends encouraged me to be a full time fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. They know I love to write and they thought it should be my full time job. I want it too, trust me. But it's not as easy as it seems. You know, being a blogger means you need to have money first before making money. You think all of my outfits came free? No. I bought them with extra money I get from my writing job. And that's not enough.

That's what make it looks hard. Because you see, I don't have much money to buy every trending outfits or makeup. I don't have much money to eat brunch in an expensive, instagrammable cafe. I don't have much money to go for a vacation abroad or just outside the town. You might notice that I took my outfit pictures at the same place because basically I can't go anywhere I can. If only blogging is cheaper. Or if only I have more money to buy fancy clothes and makeup.

Sometimes it's hard for me to make friends because of my status. I love clothes. I love shopping. I love makeup. But whenever I tried to get into a certain groups, even with the same hobbies and likes, I can't get in. I can't because basically they have more money than I do. They buy more expensive clothes and makeup. They attend some fancy events. And here I am, with nothing but my messy bun, laptop and my writing skill.

It's not that I'm complaining with my life. It's just too hard for me to find a group with the same experience. But hey. I thank God for what I have. Maybe I just need to be more grateful and not easily envious with other people's life. Because somebody out there is dreaming to be in your position.

Meanwhile, here is my outfit. I'm currently and forever will love mom jeans. It's just right for me. I can't stand skinny jeans now because it's suffocating me. I always opt for baggier jeans and flowy pants.
My best friend slash bride-to-be, Cindy, took these pictures and thank God for her skill!

PULL&BEAR T-shirt // ZARA Jeans // KIPLING Backpack // PULL&BEAR Platform // H&M Choker // COTTON ON Belt

Oh, hey! Don't forget to enter SBNLAZYS before you checkout at Sociolla.
See you again!

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3 thoughts

  1. OMG finally I found blogger who have same condition. yeach sometimes think about blog it's very easy but as well I know it's very difficult. I don't have much money too

    but hey Georgia, life it's not only about money. Smile and make a simple thing be a good for u :)
    fighting :*

    1. aww thanks babe! i know money isn't everything but honestly we can't do anything without a little amount of money, right? thank you for encouraging me! have a nice day love

  2. Heh, I feel you. I'm from Latvia and I now the struggle :D
    But you look gorgeous! :)


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