Mules vs. Kitten Heels

9:00 AM

Well hello lovely readers!
Back on track, I'm talking about fashion again. I mean, finally! It's been a long time since the platform where I used to write about fashion had been taken down. No worries because my very own blog will fill your fashion needs.

These two items were in trend since mid 2017. And they're still on trend this 2018. What are they?
Mules and kitten heels!
Both are casual, comfortable, and stylish. Both have their own pros and cons. But neber out of style.

- Comfortable
- Casual

- Too casual it can't be worn in formal events
- Shorties won't get any bonus height

- Fit for casual occasion, business casual, or event formal
- Give little heights to shorties

- Not suitable for dressing down

Little tips from me: look for neutral colors, whether it's mules or kitten heels. Pointed shape is always look better because it gives a longer and skinnier illusion.
Since both are the highlights of NYFW 2018, you need to add these to your wishlist. I, too, am searching for the perfect fit for me.
Tell me which one you like the most!
Mules or kitten heels? Don't forget to comment down below with your choice and the pros and cons of your own!

See you another time!


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  1. kitten heels really looks so cute doe <3

    cheer, Michelle ~


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