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7:44 PM

December is less than a month, guys! How time flies so fast. Most of you probably have made goals for next year. How's your 2015 so far? Mine's not so great. Probably the worst year I've had besides 2011. This year was tough especially these past 6 months. You know when your dream is in front of your eyes but something made it unreachable again. I mean, only one step away to get my dream that I've waited for, but then, life gave me lemons.

Life gave me lemons and I can't do anything about it. I know I'm pretty suck at possibly anything and that's why I was willing to wait this thing to ever come to me. And it's not without sacrifices, tears, rejections. It's not as easy as it looks. But this too shall pass. And I hope it'll pass faster. Let's pray I don't choose the wrong choice.

Did you notice I cut my hair? I feel like it's still too long. I wish it would be shorter. I thought it won't look good on me because I have this chubby cheeks, and my shorter hair won't help cover it. But I really need a shorter hair to keep my hair healthy.

Black Tank - New Look // Hamsa Bracelet - H&M // Round Sunnies - Dresslink

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30 thoughts

  1. Dont giveup on your dreams! Keep pushing, you will get there someday!


  2. stay strong babe! this too shall pass <33
    cool look btw :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. no matter how tough this year was, keep looking forward.
    do your best for the future so when you look back you can see your progress.
    nice outfit btw <3


  4. you are so gorgeous, dear.
    Would you mind to follow each other?
    Let me know by comment on my recent post ;)
    Thank you

    -- Polkalicious --

  5. Love the outfit, it was hot today too so shorts are still in for us despite it being mid November already :(

    I do hope you end this year with an amazing last two months, and I'm sure the new year will give you more opportunities. Success isn't easy, so sometimes the more hurdles you overcome, the more worth it is in the end. I know you'll be amazing in the future to come!

  6. what a great post ! beautiful pics ! keep working dear ! blog is interesting ! if u like my blog just follow me and i will follow u back asap

  7. I love the little detail of the crosses on your shorts

    Great blog
    xoxo, ♥

  8. Hello! you have a great blog :)
    you may want to observe the GFC? :)
    I like to be in touch with interesting blogs :)
    I greet warmly the Polish!

  9. so cool kak! <3


  10. Lovee this look! especially your pants :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  11. Gorgeous! Have a nice weekend dear!
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  12. looove love love your style:) love everything from head to toe!<3

  13. Chic grunge look dear!
    Have a lovely week

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