Not Alone But Lonely

8:40 PM

H&M Stripes Sweater // Vintage Black Skirt // ZALORA Messenger Bag // LunarCult Sun Choker // H&M Layered Necklace
Do you know a person who always have the best advice for their friends? The ones who always encourage others to be strong? The ones who always cheer you up when you're sad? Or maybe you are that person? Because I am. I love helping people and comforting them when they're sad or mad. I always be the one who look strong in any kind of situation. I never tell people when I have a breakdown. Maybe my facial expression can tell that I am mad but that's it. Whenever I get mad or sad, nobody was there to comfort me. Honestly, I need that. I need someone to cheer me up when I'm sad just like I did to them. Because I can't do this alone. Nobody can't face their problems alone without any support from their friends or family.

Just because I always give people advice doesn't mean I don't have my own problems. I just want somebody to understand whenever I look sad or mad, and they will do whatever they can to cheer me up. I always face my problems alone. And sometimes people don't understand. Instead, they make me down a little bit more. So, I can never depend on people.

xo, Michella Georgia

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14 thoughts

  1. Ahh, u shud put yourself first...I'm the reverse side of u lol, I'm always clueless when my friends are sad...haha:))
    btw I've been searching for that black sheer tights but never found one>< btw the sweater is damn cute<3

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

    1. haha yes my sympathy is way too big. i need to chill and feel a little "bodo amat" to things that not too important. aku beli tightsnya di sogo ;) thanks for the comment!

  2. Aaaa georgie~ i know exactly how u feel there, totally #relatable :''')
    but hey i'm always here for you 24/7 if u want to tell all you "unegx" hehehee maybe it's weird since we haven't meet each other in real life, but from reading all you posts i feel that i can totally relate to you in a lot of aspects lol xD

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. omg somehow i feel we're always similar in any kinda situation too! we've never met but i feel like i found my twins:') and hey, you can tell me your "uneg2" too! feels like we're penpal lol!

  3. You have really beautiful blog!x

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? If you want, please follow me on the BOTH of my blogs and let me know in the comments of my newest posts :

  4. You look really nice ! :) I adore Your skirt <3
    I'm Your newest follower ! :)

  5. nice outfit,black and white always nailed it!


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