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 Hello guys!
So, I went to the mall with my family to had lunch and took some pictures. Yes, I asked my dad to take us to this particular mall where they have many spots to take pictures outdoor. Gladly my dad said yes! He usually would say no if I asked him to take us here because it's too far from our house. But this time he said yes. Maybe he's just too excited with me being featured in a local magazine twice. My mom told me that he literally showed the pictures everywhere to his siblings and the entire family. Omg, it was just a random feature, Dad, but thank you anyway for taking us there. He actually searched for good spots for me to take outfit pictures, and sometimes took pictures of mine with his smartphone LOL.

NEW LOOK Black Crop Top // PULL&BEAR Mom Jeans // FOREVER 21 Leather Jacket // Unbranded Round Glasses // LUNARCULT Tattoo and Sun Choker

All pictures here were taken by mom (thanks mom!) and more pictures are in my dad's phone. I don't regret any of these pictures, I just want to share all of them.

Now about the outfit, you see that jeans I wore? I got it from Pull&Bear with a very special price. And when I said it I really mean it. It was Rp 499.000 or Rp 599.000, I didn't remember. But when it was on sale, they dropped the price to Rp 299.900. I bought a tshirt and a blouse too, and when I paid them at the cashier, I was shocked because the price of the jeans got more lower to Rp 169.000! It was such a good deal, right?!
And the best thing is it fits me perfectly! Well, it's a little big on my waist because I have this small waist and every high waist jeans is just too big for me. But that's okay because I've never thought that I will look good in mom jeans. This is okay, right?

What do you think about this outfit? I posted it on Instagram and many people liked it! I guess they just love to see me in grunge outfit :)

xo, MG

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  1. Love your shoes! <3

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  4. Grunge outfit looks so awesome on you! I wish I could also wear them nicely like yours <3


    1. thanks dear! i guess you will rock grunge outfit too!


    cheer, michelle ~

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