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This year indeed, is the most selfish year. It doesn't mean I don't care about people. But it's because I've been cared too much about people that I neglected my needs. Since last March, I've been trying to do workout 4-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes each day. I did boxing because I have a sandsack in my house. Lately, I've been doing yoga from YouTube and dancing as cardio. I've been cutting down meat and eat only veggies, fruits, and fish (seafood). Well, I still eat meats sometimes. I don't do diets. I love food. But I enjoy everything because it's for my health. That's what I mean with selfish. I'm finally more concern about my health.

About a week ago, I was introduced with Cold Press. Cold press is an e-commerce that sells detox products and healthy juices. No preservatives, additives, colorings, concentrate, added water and no sugar. Thinking about healthy, I accepted their offer and got 3 days detox products with 6 additional juices that worth more than Rp 2.000.000!

My face is too sweaty and tired because this was post workout. Sorry for no faces!

Now, if your goal is to lose weight, than this is not the best product for you. Detoxification is for your health. To clean those organs from bad toxic. Weight lost is only an addition. I lost a few kgs but gain back to my usual weight, because the only reason why you're losing weight with detox is you don't eat while doing it. You gain back to your usual weight when you eat again.
I chose the Skin Glow and Weight Maintenance program for 3 days. I personally don't like the taste because the cucumber is too dominant. I wish they lessen the cucumber next time. But I love the daily juices! I wish they make the bottles bigger because I can't stop drinking them! I didn't get tired while doing detox. It does nothing than make me fresh. I didn't even feel hungry. Definitely wanna try another program!

Cold Press is definitely worth trying for you who wants to be healthy inside and get rid of bad toxic from your organs!

xo, MG

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  1. These bottles are so cute! There always should come a time when your main focus should be about yourself, I'm so glad you were able to focus more on yourself this year! I've been trying hard to be healthier this year too, especially with a 30 lb weight gain in 2 years. Detoxification is so difficult with all the toxins getting removed, but the end results are always amazing and worth it!

  2. I love cold pressed juices and agree, the best thing, for me at least, is detoxifying the body not weight loss.



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