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Finally an outfit post!
I know I'm such a bad blogger for not constantly post anything. But hey, this is not what I do for a living (eventhough it will be good if blogging is my main source of ca-ching!). Just last week, I did my presentation for my final project. In case you didn't know, I made a style book. It was actually fun but tiring at the same time. I was pessimist that I would pass the test and voila! I passed the test! The result is very satisfying, which I hope it's an A. I'm very happy and relieved. It was actually a big achievement for me, to make may parents happy to see me pass the test. I will have a graduation this November so let's pray everything's gonna be fine!

Back to the outfit..
As usual, I had a date yesterday with mom. I feel like I date often with her than with my boyfriend LOL. I borrowed her shirt. It was too big for me but it's perfect to give that baggy impresion. So, I put a black crop top under and buttoned skirt to give a casual look, but still a little sloppy and grunge.

I feel like I actually smile more in these pictures because I'm so happy that my college is done! What do you think? Do you like me smiling in pictures or that-no-expression face? LOL. I just want to know what people think about me. I want nice feedbacks and critics. Do drop some comments and I will check out your blogs too!

MOM's Shirt // FOREVER 21 Crop Top // STRADIVARIUS Buttoned Skirt // ADORABLE PROJECTS Shoes

Here's a hair flip for every souls out there!


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