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Hey guys how's life?
I feel pretty happy that my sacrifices are paid off! I could actually scratch a thing or two from my wishlists. The list is actually very very long because us human will never be satisfied. How greedy we are..

It's September already and 2018 is just 3 months to go. I can't believe 2017 will be over soon.
Time to time I've changed the way I dress a lot. But you still can see the 'red thread' between them because I don't really change my style. Just the way I dress because I'm getting mature and I can't dress like a 17 years old girl anymore.

This outfit is my favorite because it covers all my imperfections (except my cheeks). It's classic, stylish, and a little daring. The small details really help this outfit be more outstanding. My tips on wearing classic pieces: add some little details and put your signature style to it. I'm still a grunge at heart so I add fishnet tights and platform to complete the whole outfit.

So what do you think about my Saturday outfit? Let me know!

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