Selfless or Selfish

4:30 PM

self·ish /ˈselfiSH/
(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

Have you ever loved too much? You wanna make them happy even if we're not. You wanna make them in peace while you drown in depression. You wanna make them live while you're suffocating to death. I have and I do. Looks like someone stabbed my heart and instead of pulling it out, they twist it and push it even deeper.

Everything that too much will cause you pain. Because you think others will do the same to you, but in reality they don't. You think they care. And if they don't, you realize your thoughts are just wild. You expect them to be selfless but they're not. You want them to put yourself over them like you do to them, but they can't. They just don't have the same heart as yours.

My heart and my brain are in conflict. The heart said "keep going" but the brain said "let it go". The heart said "it will worth it" but the brain said "you're wasting your time". The heart said "he will care eventually" but the brain said "he's the most selfish person in the world".

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  2. This post is so accurate what I feel towards people around me! :(:(:(
    I do think just like you, I think "they do care to me just like I do to them" but they don't. They never do. I often think that I care for others too much while they don't. I know I need to stop but I just can't. Happens to me all the time and it sucks :(
    I love your posts, dear. You have a new follower :)


    1. cheer up, girl! you're not the only one :) and please don't stop being good just bcs they don't. but if you had enough, what can i say :D

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  4. I think it's time to move on. If he don't care about you then that's the end. you can give up on your life and he won't still care. Some people are very selfish and they cannot change, even if you try to help them.
    I hope you are ok :) Lost of love xxx

  5. I agree. Sola dosis facit venenum - the dose makes the poison. Caring the person you love is a good thing. But if you do it too much until sacrifices your own happiness, it's becoming a poison for you. You should probably stop being hard on yourself :( I've been there too. But we shouldn't let this "selfless-ness" consumes us. Because it's not good for any kind of relationship.

    Cheers, I hope you feel better soon!


    1. i know i should've stopped years ago but my heart always said that there's hope, and here i am. thank you for such a lovely comment<3

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  9. i know exactly how u feel there :((
    i know its going to be hard but we def need to move on from those kind of people :')

    cheer, michelle ~

  10. Nice post dear!

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  11. been there before also..
    well, if he's not worth it, then maybe its time to let go? but i know its not that easy as said also
    but no matter what happens in the end, just keep your heads up! surely this too shall pass

  12. i can feel you :( anyway, cheer up dear :) all is well


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  14. i knew how it feels. i finally let it go after a year. i realize that i should accept that things doesnt always works the way i wanted it to be. there will come a day when you realize "i had enough" and things will get better. so yeah hang in there dear! :)

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  20. we are all called to be selfless but i think every now and then we have to be selfish with our lives.

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