I'm Michella Georgia Polana and I am a personal style blogger/graphic designer. This blog is dedicated for young fashionable girls who loves to dress up, and I'm helping them to find inspirations and some tips about personal style.


I grew up watching my mom wears pretty outfit. She dressed me up beautifully when I was just a little kid. Growing up with two sisters definitely play the part too. I love to play dress up games on the internet since I was in 8th grade. Colors and fabrics always excite me. I never go to fashion school but I took visual communication design. This blog was made in 2012, the first year of my college. I was reading a magazine and I saw a local fashion blogger being featured there. I searched for her blog and from that time, I committed to make this blog. I even asked my dad if I could take fashion design as my major. For some reason, I didn't make it. It's uncomfortable for me to pose in front of camera because I didn't really love to take pictures. When I was a kid, I used to avoid cameras. But when this blog was made, I've learned to pose in front of camera. Not in a professional way, of course. I try to act naturally and candid-made.


  • I was born under Gemini constellations. You get my best and my worst at the same time because Geminians are unpredictable.
  • I'm an introvert. That's why I get uncomfortable being a center of attention.
  • English was and still my favorite subject since forever.
  • I am very open minded and sometimes it makes me being a weirdo because my country can't accept someone like me.
  • I'm taking a part time job as a writer in a local fashion site.

And when I'm not blogging, writing or designing, you may find me drinking coffee or playing my favorite game, The Sims.

Despite of my introverted and weird soul, I really love to make new friends. So, don't hesitate to say hi and let's get to know each other!


Michella Georgia Polana