The Sky Fell On Me

4:01 PM

well, i went to church with my  family last sunday. we're catholic so it is a must to go to the church every week whether it's saturday or sunday.
anyway, did i promise you something? yes, i did! and i hope you guys remember. i promised that i'll post some pictures. and this is it. i'll post some pictures here about what did i wear last sunday.
i used my sister's samsung galaxy fit because there's something wrong with my pocket camera. so sorry for the bad quality and i hope you'll enjoy^^

This blue dress is from Magnolia. i bought it last week

Me and my mommy^^

I love this shoes<3

And this is my mom's

So guys, what do you think?

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1 thoughts

  1. lovely outfit. very cute and sweet.

    i love the baby blue color :)



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