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9:05 PM

Maybe I’m a lazy blogger because I ‘passed out’ for a month? But here I am again! This is a scheduled post. I decided to post an outfit post once again. I took Christmas theme with red and green! Fyi, have you got GoGirl bonus journals?

Red skirt - local store
Wedges - Charles & Keith
Bag - local store

So sorry for my ugly face and background :(

I have so many story I would like to tell you. For starts, my friend at uni left college and back home to Kupang, her hometown. I realized that she didn’t go to uni a week after we got midterm. The next week, people started to asked where she was and the next week they started not to care. I saw her post status on facebook and I commented, “So, where are you?”. She replied me with message and she said her aunt made her crazy (since she lived with her aunt, here in Jakarta). She treated her like a maid so she decided to left uni and left Jakarta. I totally supported her even if I really want her to come back here. No one in uni cared about her because maybe, she’s weird? But I think, I’m the same with her. People used to not care about her and when she left, they started not to care about me. Just a few people who really want to talk to me. Some of them just ignore me and pretend that I’m not there. Some of them just say ‘hi’ but that’s it. I don’t know why my friends in uni don’t want to talk with me. Maybe it is me, I’m not that talkative girl. But I really like to chat with my friends about everything. Maybe because my loner character, they’re avoiding me.

All I can say, don’t judge people by its cover. My best friends who really know me well, they said I’m a fun person to be friend with. I’m not that loner and untalkative person that some people first see me. Oh, I remember something! In eleventh grade, my friend had some opinion for me. She said I was too loner and I didn’t want to socialize with other people beside my closest friends. And I have a reason for that. I said, “That is my nature. I’m sorry if you see me don’t want to socialize with people, but that’s because I’m too shy and I don’t know how to start a conversation. If you really want to know me, start a conversation. But if you said that just because you don’t like me, I wanna say thanks for your concern.”
It’s hard to be me. That’s why I always have a few friends. But a few best friends are better than many friends who aren’t there for me when I need them, right?

Happy Mother’s Day by the way, for all mommies in the world!

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3 thoughts

  1. you look lovely! I love the outfit! :)

  2. lovely outfit dear !
    yaaaa in some occasion maybe what you thought was right.
    few friends are better, but with a few more, you could get everything and any information that you need or more fun, maybe.
    maybe they don't hate you, but they just same you, confused how to start a conversation.
    i used to be like you, scared to start a conversation, but after you go try to talk with them, it will be more fun to go to college everyday, and make your day even better :D

    aw I'm at Jakarta too anyway! ❤
    di univ mana? :)
    opini saja ini yah, and its not mean that i don't like you dear :*

  3. Love your shirt :)

    PS: Merry Christmas :))



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