A Big Dream Of Me

1:09 PM

 I made this for my sister's prom idea. Theme: Colorful.

Maybe you seldom see me posting my outfit post (since it's all fashion bloggers do, but i'm not one). I have ideas and creativity in me but it's sad that i can't show it from my wardrobe. It's just.. i only have a few clothes and i only buy new clothes if i have money, since my dad won't buy it for me. I have only 10 to 15 clothes in my wardrobe and the rest is my sisters. What makes my clothes so many is because i borrow my sisters' and mom's clothes. I want to try for thrifting but what's bugging me is the place. Places for thrifting in my city is most horror. Bad guys, naughty boys, shoplifters. Yeah, i'm too afraid of that. And my dad is not the best company. He kinda hates filthy, hot places (except beach). And if he knows i'm about to shop, he will rage in silence...
Then someday i thought, how could i be a stylist if i have no portfolio and experience in fashion. I don't study in fashion. I have no portfolio about my outfits. All i have is Polyvore. Thanks to Polyvore, my ideas and creativity in fashion can be showed. And this is what i think. Dream doesn't have age limit. Who knows maybe i'll work in fashion industry at 30. Yeah, just wish me luck!

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  1. really lovely sets!^^
    anyway,join my OASAP giveaway and win lovely summer clothing!

    hope you can participate dear


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