Pretty Messed Up

10:07 PM

Damn, it's been a long long long time ago since i wrote my last post. It's a new year after all and I needed to make a new resolutions. One of them is to make this blog alive. Because I just saw a spider nesting here LOL! I hate spiders btw, they're creepy..
So the first time I did to renew this blog was changed the name. It's now Pretty Messed Up. Why is that? Because my life (and this blog) is too messed up. I changed the header and the background too. I designed the header by myself and I guess it's so me.
Enough with the talk. I know you don't want to read my miserable life stories because it's too miserable. I can't even take it, you know?
Here's my outfit post. Not that I want to become a fashion blogger but that's the point of this blog. To tell you my daily life, hobbies, likes, dislikes, or even events. I can't even remember when the last I posted my daily outfit. Meanwhile, I wore this last Sunday to church (with the shirt buttoned, of course) and hangout with my family. See you another time, fellas!

 Ps: so sorry for the bad quality photos. will be better next time!


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