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4:08 PM

Hey guys! How's your week? I'm sorry I didn't update my blog because the wifi connection at my house is terrible. So sorry for that.
So, last weekend I went to an event with my bestie at Tribeca, Central Park Mall. It was an event by Dreamers Radio. It was a cool event. There was a stage for performers and competitions. Some booths related to fashion, food, and even concert tickets! Well, it's so hot because it's outdoor.

I accompanied my bestie, Cindy, to saw her compete for OOTD Fashion Show Competition. I helped her with makeup and her sister did her hair. She was gorgeous. Me and her sis, Thalia, followed her to backstage. I didn't think we were allowed there but wtf we're just sat there and waited until the competition begun. Some performers were there (which I didn't know), strolled around the backstage and lot of teenagers screamed, excited. So loud..

This was the outfit I wore. Simple, minimalist, monochrome.

White T's - H&M
Slit Dress - H&M
Moongazer Neklace - LunarCult
Sun Choker - LunarCult

I met this gorgeous blogger, Graciella Shiaryn from Reflectionself. She's nice and so cute. Nice to meet you, Grace!

We had a long day but you know what? My bestie, Cindy, came out as a winner! I'm so proud of her because she was capable to not be nervous and just walk the runway like it was meant to her. I love her!!

Btw, you guys know how pessimistic I am. I'm always in depression. Nobody know how depressed I am and I can't tell anybody because nobody feels the same. I feel like I have nobody. When in crowds, I feel lonely. Even when I'm with my friends I feel lonely. That's terrible. I sometimes love to be alone but being lonely is nothing I want to feel.

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14 thoughts

  1. You're the best(est) friend anyone could ask for! And look how beautiful you are<3


  2. pretty cool styling with slit maxi skirt darling !!
    perfect pairing with the shoes =D
    just found your blog and cant following you =( what happened with your follow button?


    1. thank you!
      idk whats happen. I tried to fix it but it's still broken :( you can follow me via bloglovin if you want :)

  3. I like the skirt! and the way that your outfit its simple but looks good! (:

  4. very cute outfit :)
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  5. ah nice to meet u too kak! :)


  6. Hey , cheer up gurls ^^ You're not alone. I think everyone in this world could feels that kind of feelings.

    A feelings that being out of nowhere . I hope you could recover from your loneliness soon ^^ If you're looking back.. there's your friend, your family and else waiting for making you happy ^^ and not lonely anymore.

    BTW, love your skirt! superduper! it's really elegant and yet it's cute! <3

    ah ya.. mind to do follow each other? we can shared post^^ maybe we could be friends in blog. hehe

    just tell me if you want to kay^^ leave a comment in my blog if you're already following my blog. I'm sure I'm gonna following you back soon afterward^^




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