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7:03 PM

Hey, guys.
I'm bored again and no outfit photos to post here. So, I've decided to make an exclusive post about my fashion and beauty article in a website called You can find a direct link to my posts on the upper bar with the name "Fashion & Beauty".

It's been 5 months and on since I wrote fashion and beauty articles there. Such a heaven because it's kinda fit my passion which is to write and fashion. If you want to know what I posts there, you can go to my direct link.
I've posted many articles. You can buy anything that is related to my posts. Make sure to share my posts to your social media so many people will read my articles. More views, the better! Who knows, maybe a fashion magazine would love what I write and hire me to work with them. LOL it's just a dream but who knows. It's been a while since my dream came true. Please help me achieve my dream with just a click to a post (or many posts!) and share it to your social media.

Oh, the latest post is about what's trending now. Which is lace up outfit. I'm sure you fashionistas will love it! More fashion and beauty trends, tips and tricks are on my posts there. Go to my profile HERE to check out more!

xo, MG

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  2. nice!! would you like to follow each other via GFC?? let me know and I follow you back :)

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