I Don't Compete, I Evolve

3:34 PM

I'm not sure what to write in this post. I have so much things on my mind. Well, this one thing that keep filling my mind. I feel like some people are threatened by me with whatever I do. I feel that nonsense because we're actually fighting in different fields, so I don't really think they're my competitors. Oh, well. Moving on!

This outfit is from last Saturday when I and my family celebrated my birthday with simple lunch. My birthday was actually last Thursday but we decided to had lunch on Saturday because on Thursday my boyfie came to my house and bought us pizza. I was sick, though, so I only wore simple outfit like this because I was too lazy to dress up. And at the end of the day, I'm buying my own birthday presents LOL.

Photographer of the day<3

PULL & BEAR Off Shoulder and Culotte // H&M Bag // FOREVER 21 Necklace

Ps: If you're looking for fashion and beauty tips/tricks, you can go HERE and find anything you want. I'm open to any suggestions to be written there. Just leave your comment below!

xo, MG

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