3:41 PM

Good afternoon from where I stand.
Actually, from where I sit.
I miss this. Connecting with people from the internet through blogging. Something that's not my priority because this girl has grown up and she has plenty of responsibilities.

I'm not the type who is easily open up to strangers. I've been betrayed, once. By someone I called best friend. Losing someone is another part of life, tho ones which forced you to grow up and less open up. I'm not the one who's easily start a conversation. I'm not good at small talks. Actually, I kinda hate small talks. Makes my brain unimpressed and less challenging. Yet it makes me look like I'm a shy, quiet person. When all I want is a real conversation from heart to heart. Not just this kind of 'how are you' conversation.

So many words I want to spill but it got stucked in my head. It's just don't want to get out.


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