Another blue day

12:13 AM

Things are getting more boring since holiday began on April. But thankfully, tomorrow i'll go to Bandung. It's my mom's hometown. We have to visit her family because they're moslem. Yes, we visit them every year for sure because of Eid. I also think that as vacation, because I'm at home for a very long time (trust me, I do). Talk about vacation, I've never been abroad. My dad doesn't have much money for five of us to go abroad. But I've been to Bali, twice *ashame*. Some of you Indonesian or not must be going there for often. That's the farest me and my family could go. I want to go to Manado too because it's my grandma's (my dad's mom) hometown. My grandma and my aunt are there already, just arrived tonight. I believe my grandma will be happy because it's been a long time for her to visit her hometown. I can imagine how happy she is :)
Well, no pictures today. I was just thinking to buy a camera just for me. But I need to save my money. I can't just ask my dad to buy me that. What I've been thinking is, I don't have any money, so how can I save some? Beside it I've been thinking about look for a job. But it's not as easy as it looks like, right? I just hope maybe someone can help me to find a job, actually only a part time job.
Pray for me, folks  :)

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4 thoughts

  1. I'm Indonesian, but never been to Bali before *sighh* more ashamed than you LOL! anw, happy Eid Mubarak to your family there! have a safe trip, you know, they will be trafic jam everywhere!

    Missing Bee

    1. maybe we can go to Bali together or anywhere else*wink*, thanks Bella, and you're right, traffic jam everywhere*sigh*

  2. wish you luck to get your part time job :D

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    Journal J


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