The Power of Friendships

11:40 AM

Uhhh BORING! I've got nothing to do since I graduated from high school. Oh yeah, I want to tell something. I switched my major to visual communication design yesterday. Some of you know I choose psychology, but I realized that it's so not appropriate if I wanna work in a fashion magazine. So I decided to switch it to design. I browse and most of fashion magazines need graphic designers. No regret this time!
Anyway, in this random day, I want to introduce you to my very best friends since junior high. Check it out!

Sorry for the bad pictures. We took it with phone camera. Okay and the introduction begin!

The beautiful girl on the left is Cindy. She is totally my best friend from the first time. We were classmates in junior high. We always together in happiness or sadness.

The boy with the glasses and plaid shirt is Thomas. He's very good at photography and design. He's creative in a good way. When I told him I want to switch my major to design, he's very excited and offer me some help if I have problems in my assignments. Such a good friend :)

And this is Elsa. The most talkative and crazy person! She's the youngest in the pack. She likes k-pop just like most girls in Indonesia. She loves boys! She always in relationship, with a different boys. People love to hang out with her because she's easy going and so easy to make friends.

At last but not least, the sweet girl in the middle is Valerie. She's my cousin. We went to the same school in elementary school and junior high. We did almost everything together. Different with Elsa, Valerie loves everything about Japan and manga. She draws manga and her drawings are great! Oh, and she doesn't like to be captured. I can't find a single picture of her alone.

So, that's it. I told you about my best friend. Our friendship is above 6 years or less. I've planned something to do with them. Sounds like a project or something. Or maybe we'll make our blog together. What a friendship..

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  1. Nice photos ;)

    I follow you, can you follow me back?

  2. lucky ya, have friends like 'em <3

  3. they're the best :) i bet you have a lot of friends shinly <3


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