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5:15 PM

As you know, Indonesian, that Big Bang had a concert here in Jakarta last week. I really wanted to watch them but i have no money. My savings is not enough. Oh, i bet they were good! My cousin went to the concert and i really want to ask her how it is. I've never been in a concert, even if i want to. but maybe someday i could go to a concert.
It's a shame that i don't have times to blog. well, it's because my internet connection. Can somebody tell me what provider that's best in internet connection?

Lucky me, i found this long flowery shirt dress in a reasonable price. it's vintage and simple. i always want flower pattern clothes and here it is! i wore this last Sunday after i went to church. it's comfy and breezy. i paired it up with Gaudi skirt and my sister's heels.
ps: so sorry for the images quality

Vintage shirt dress
Black lace skirt - Gaudi
Green heels - IconNinety9

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