Bad day ever

10:52 PM

I had this bad day just today. Well, not the entire day. Firstly, I thought that my lecture didn't come so I went home early. My boyfriend picked me up. When I arrived at home, my friend texted me and told me that the lecture came. Before that, i hung with my friends at the cafetaria. I don't know how much are my friends, but day by day it's getting many. So this was I hate. We sat there, about seven of us. But no one talked to me, no one asked me a question or something. I don't know, were they even notice me there? I tried to picked up some conversation but they seemed not interested. And some of them lied to me. They said they couldn't draw good. So I'm glad because I'm not too good at drawing either, maybe just a little. But when I saw they drawings, I was gone mad. They can draw good! No, it's PERFECT!
One more thing that makes today a bad day is, senior. They think they're superiors and can ask the junior to do anything. Oh, my..
The only thing that made my day today is my boyfie. He's the only one who cares (beside my family and God). He's there when I need him. Well, not always. But I know he tries. He's the only one who made today's perfect. That's why I love him..

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9 thoughts

  1. Omg keep calm and cheer up. I bet you have another talent! don't go down!:)
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  2. i know this situtation! so you have talent :)) your blog is so lovely and interesting *_* maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. thanks :) yeah maybe i have talent ;) i've read your blog and it's awesome!

  4. cheer up! dont be mad :)
    but actually, the only people you can depend on is yourself :)

  5. hey everything will be alright again! some people simply cant understand how we feel and that sucks a lot sometimes..

    Letters To Juliet

  6. ohhh.... sometimes it's so much worse things in here...


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