When Black Meets White

10:03 AM

It's been two months since i'm being a college student. You know what i think? It's greater than in high school! I have friends here easily than in high school. When in high school, i spent my day with listened to music. I'm not that active student who tried to reach teachers' attention. Maybe not all active students did it for purpose :)
Anyway, i'm in a middle of midterm. My uni makes us to wear white blouse and black pants. Sooo monochrome!

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7 thoughts

  1. welcome to college life :)
    love all outfit you choose there! ♥

  2. ... magic happens! haha just thought i'd resume the title of the post. because that's what i instantly had in mind when seeing these outfits!


  3. Nice choice sweety! Goodluck for your college days!


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