INFARE part 3

10:59 PM

It’s been couple years since I’ve known fashion. Yeah, I don’t really care about fashion before. I used to wear boys shirt, baggy jeans and sneakers. Trust me, it was horrible. Not a fashionable one, but a horrible one. Thanks to these fashion bloggers, I started to pay attention to my style. I realized that I can’t dress like a boy again. Oh, I used to have short hair. Like, really short. And that made me a perfect boy (if I were a boy, duh).
So, these were taken at INFARE. That’s an event where fashion bloggers sell their preloved and second stuffs (some of them are brand new) for charity. Fyi, I've been on their three events. But on last INFARE I realized that some online stores also made a stand for their new stuffs. I didn’t buy much because I didn’t have much money that day. And I guess it was a little expensive too for second stuffs. Here are some bloggers that I adore. Their style, their beauty, their hard work, etc. They inspire me to dress up.

with the one and only Anastasia Siantar

Miss Grunge, Elisabeth Paramitha

Harajuku girl, Gabriella Olivia

The bloody miss match, Ines Ariani
 It was such a great experience to attend INFARE, even if I didn't buy much..

See ya!

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