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Did you ever want to be somebody else? Or do you? I know we should be proud of our self because we're different one from another. We're special in our own way. But honestly, did you ever want to be somebody else? I bet 99,99% people in this world would say yes. It's not that they aren't thankful for what they have, but us human, we're never satisfied. I'm one of them.. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be if I was born to be a rich kid. I must be a snob person, lazy, extravagant, and maybe I wouldn't think of my future because my life was so easy. And you know what? Thank God I was born to be an average kid with average parents. Even if I have soooo many things I want and too bad I can't afford it. But when you have an average economic life, you'll realize how hard this life. How hard it is to be our father/mother who works all 10 hours just to give us a life. My father works his ass off and I don't want to make him suffer more by asking him to buy my needs of fashion. I've spend my own money to buy clothes or shoes since I'm in 7th grade. Not the expensive ones, though. Beside that, my clothes are preloved from my cousins or aunts. So, sometimes we need to be thankful about what we have. Because not everything that we want to be is good for ourself. There's always a reason why we are born this way.

I wrote too much, I know. Let's look my outfit then!

Tank - Vintage
Cardigan - Vintage
Black skirt - Lolly's
Choker - L.I.N.F
Creepers - Lasenora Boutique

My sister took these photos and I'm not satisfied. I'm a shortie and I look like I'm a shortie. Thanks, Sis!

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