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10:50 AM

Finally my mid term is over! Well, it ended last Saturday. Me and my friends had to do some presentation. I have to say that my group is okay. We did it! After 3 months of works, we finally get it done. On the last day, we had to be in campus at 10 am sharp. We kinda had one probs but thank God our lecturers didn't bring it up. All of you must be confused and asking yourself "what the hell did you do for your mid term?". Sorry I forgot to mention what we did.

Well, here it is. We had to do some research about a small business with a small budget. We found this three colors noodle and we had to branding it. Logo, promotion media, souvenir, etc. And we had to keep it on budget. This term wasted my time so much. But I can't be happy yet because last term is upon me. And it will be more complicated and more waste of times.

I stayed at home since my last term. Almost a week and it feels like vacay for me lol! I didn't go anywhere so no outfit post. Well, only one and it's from last Sunday. I cropped my head because my face is too ugly.

See you on my next post! Hopefully an outfit post. Can't believe it's already weekend because I can dress up the way I want to wear without boundaries and rules. Happy weekend, guys!

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  1. Casually cool

    Kindly check out my blog girls,

  2. Hello ! I really love your outfit <3
    wanna make friends ? F4f ?


  3. i like the skirt ! classy !

  4. cute outfits. really perfect for you =)

  5. cute combo dear!! love this look <33



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