Mentally Broken

1:08 PM

I was born in the middle of sarcasm. It’s almost normal to me to heard sarcasm from people. But remember, being sarcastic doesn’t mean you’re being rude. I know some people who are just being rude and they use sarcasm as their excuse.

I’m a shortie with height only 151 cm and weight 46 kg. To be honest I think it’s categorize as fat or I just over act. I have big bust and big ass but a small waist. I categorize myself as the hourglass body type. I have big calves and I’m so sick about it. Some people recognize it and make fun of it. Well, I can hide it in long pants or jeans. The only thing I can’t hide is my chubby cheeks. Yes, thanks to my chubby cheeks people recognize me as a fattie. Some people make fun of it too.
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Admit it. We must’ve done it (including it) to our friends, family, even to strangers. But do you know it’s actually hurt their heart? Like me. Family and friends still call me a shortie even if we often meet. That’s annoying and heart breaking. Are they being sarcasm or just being rude? 

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Black Skirt - Vintage
Leopard Shoes - Magnolia Stuff

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