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8:18 PM

These past 3 years, my style was changing from boyish with only tees and jeans, girly with pastels, goth with all black, and now grunge. Not a change but an improvement every year I live my life for loving fashion. My mom has a great sense of fashion too. We're now loving this particular style, which is witch style. I adore witches style because they're vintage, hippie, bohemian and earthy. I'm in love with long skirts and maxi dresses and I would like to buy some of it. Don't forget the accessories. Wide hat, pendulum necklaces, stones bracelets, stones rings, etc. What's not to love!
And here I am with my mom's long skirt that I love wearing it.

I pulled this outfit with black bowler hat. Yeah, I know. It should be the wide hat but it's too expensive :'(

See ya!

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2 thoughts

    Love your hatT-T oh and your top! wait your skirt the best! your shoes! your choker! your bracelets!
    Man! I love everything you wore!
    Good job good job!(?)


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