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2:27 PM

I can't believe next week I'll go back to college for a new term and will be a productive bitch again. Preparing my body and soul for more assignments, homeworks, projects, etc. I need more time to rest (like 3 months is not enough). I'm not ready for the next term because the subjects are getting more serious, harder, more waste of times. I'm not ready to take the bus again, to breathe along with pollution, to wear awful clothes and shoes, to face hatred towards me (and my friends). What a life... I wish someday all of this will be worth it so I will regret nothing. I'm just like, "Can I skip this whole college things and go straight to the part where I have a really awesome job and spend my live traveling and shopping?"

So yesterday, I wore something different. I looked at my wardrobe and all I could find were old clothes and I was kinda bored to wear them again. So I looked at my mom's and found nothing, looked at my dad's and.. voila! I found his white shirt and I thought why don't I wear it as a boyfriend shirt, except it was my dad's shirt. And I pair it with basic stocking and red wedge boots. Relax, I wore shorts. I like oversized top. It hides everything!

My sister bought this cool glasses lol thanks sis!

See you on the next post!

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2 thoughts

  1. i looooooooooove the white shirt and the dammmmmmmn hot bordeaux red colored wedges! <3
    you have a really cute blog and you look so friendly and cute <3
    you have a new follower!
    i 'm looking for your next posts <3

    i wish you a great monday,
    nice greetings from germany,
    Jules from www.feuer-fangen.blogspot.de

    1. omg you have the best reaction to my blog post!! thank you<3<3
      hello Germany!! i'm following you back<3
      thanks again!!


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