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Not a big fan of Nirvana but since my tees says Nirvana, so... Okay. It's so hard for me to take outfit photos because I don't have a pro photographer to take photos, just my sister. And I use my 8 MP Xperia C to take most of my outfit photos so the quality is not that good. I take pictures wherever I go on weekend. Yeah, I only dress up on weekend because on weekdays I'm a busy little brat. So many homeworks and assignments that make me sick. I'm in my third year in college now and the pressure is fucking on. So tired and lack of sleep. I need vacation at least a week or so. That's the reason why I only post at least once a week. So sorry..

I'm in my mood to being grunge again. Bought this tee from H&M two weeks ago. This outfit was from last Saturday, fyi. Enjoy!

Yeah, we took these pictures at the mall where it was so crowded and I don't give a fuck and snap snap snap! People stared, of course.

Haha if you're wondering, yes, I sat on the ground. Some people even laughed at me but hey, let them laugh! Because sometimes you need to be crazy in order to be different and successful. I love fashion and if fashion makes me crazy, so be it!

Well, enough for today! My homeworks are waiting (dammit!). So, see ya next time!

Top - H&M
Black Platform Boots - Lasenora
Tattoo and pentagram choker - Lunar Cult

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