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2:59 PM

This is just a short post before I do my freakin' assignment. My third year of college is just so exhausting and really take my times. I guess I'm not gonna post anything until the next two weeks. But I'll make time.

I want to add a topic to my blog which is "Outfit Sets". Just some outfit sets I make myself to add some spice in this blog. Maybe you'll see it often because I really love making outfit sets. It's kinda my hobby and I wish someday it'll be my job (amen for that!).

Today's outfit is about jumpsuit. Jumpsuit is easy to wear. A one piece suit that goes well with any occasion. I really need at least a jumpsuit in my closet. Does anyone think the same? Well, for you girls, who really want to buy a jumpsuit (or more), you can visit ZALORA INDONESIA. They have so many option of jumpsuit from day wear to night wear. They sell high quality jumpsuits from many brands and you can choose which jumpsuit is suit you best. All prices are affordable so don't be afraid to shop in ZALORA INDONESIA. I've linked it to the jumpsuit section so you don't have to search it again;)

So, here it is my outfit sets. You can get some inspiration from here if you're confuse to mix match jumpsuits. Happy shopping!

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