We Are (Not) The Cool Kids

1:09 PM

Me with Cindy Amelia from Femme Fatale

Me, Cindy from Femme Fatale, and Thomas the photographer
Finally, reunited again with my best fuckin' friends. Those two are specials and I'm so lucky to have them as buddies. As you can see, I'm the midget between the three of us. You can imagine how I always be the joke between us because I'm short and fat LOL. We always speak the truth and we use sarcasm in our daily talks. I'm used to sarcasm but not everybody understands sarcasm, so I need to watch my mouth when I'm with people who don't know me well.
Lucky, the three of us love to take pictures and be models at the same time. We love fashion as I introduced them to fashion few years ago (at least these guys can't make fun of it LOL). We love fashion and we have decided to make something related to fashion. No fashion degrees but we'll try to bring the best we could. We don't always spend times together because we're busy with our daily life. Maybe this "something" can make us spend times together. Wish us luck!

This is my sister, Regine. Yes, she also loves fashion and sometimes she "steals" my style and mix it to hers.

Hat - H&M
Moongazer Neklace - Lunar Cult
Fringe Bag - ZALORA
Black Cardi (worn on hips) - Pull & Bear

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  1. Great outfit

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  2. very swaggie cool look! love it tons! :D

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  3. Heya there!
    Nice style! ^^

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