Firmoo Giveaway Winner!

10:37 PM

Finally, this time has come! I thought many people would join the giveaway but turned out there were only 8 people who joined. It's okay. Less competitor means more chances to win, right?

Talk no more, I will reveal the winner from the giveaway with collaboration with The winner will get the glasses of their choice and unfortunately there will be only one winner.

*Drum rolls*

Congratulations to LYNDA DEL CASTILLO

You will get a glasses of your choice and I will email you asap to send you the code!

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7 thoughts

  1. Congrats dear :)
    xoxo, ribka

  2. Wow! So nice... Congrats ♥

  3. Congrats!
    wah I should've joined it:(
    Another giveaway please!

  4. So bad, I missed the give away, but congrats for the winner :))

    Best Regards,
    Kindly visit my blog :
    Thank you, Terima kasih ♥


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