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Sorry for the very long hiatus. I don't have enough outfit photos to post here because it's becoming very hard to find my mood to take outfit photos. My confidence's just dropped because one and two things but it's okay. I hope everything will get better for me. I miss my life with my friends. I just want to go back to those times when we do many sleepovers, had pizza party, or just even hang out. I wish my besties remember me. Yes, you. If you read this, please ditch your fame and famous friends. Ditch your coolest friends and coolest places for awhile just to hang out with the one and only boring and lonely friend here. LOL such a sad message.

Anyway, I've been writing for for about 2 months. You know how I love writing, right? So I saw this as a chance for me to improve my writing skills. I applied once to a local fashion website who post ootds in Instagram to be their writer, but sadly I never get a reply or something. Well, maybe I'm not cool enough to be a part of their exclusive fashion family. Whatever.

If you want to read my post about fashion and beauty, go check my profile HERE and my newest post HERE.

Here's the look of my profile. Tell your friends and families because I do have some beauty and fashion tips for you. Happy reading!

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