ELLE Spring In Paris With IOMA

6:52 PM

Hey fashion people!

This is a different post of me because it's an event post.
Yesterday I was invited by ELLE Indonesia to an event named Spring In Paris with IOMA. It was placed in Plaza Senayan. I got 3 invitations so I brought my parents to accompany me, since my fellow blogger friend was occupied. The event started at 5 pm with live music. Afterwards, the beauty talk show with 3 gorgeous people.

I bet most of you never heard of this, right? IOMA is a skincare product from Paris that has been landed in Indonesia since 2014. It contains natural ingredients and an instant fixes. They have this machine called MEMS (Micro Electri Mechaninal Systems) that can check your skin problems in details. No brands have this machine except IOMA so it's such a breakthrough. IOMA has a personalized creme that suits your skin type. It's called MA CRÈME. IOMA believes that every girls have unique skin types and each one of them are different. How cool is that?

The beauty talkers!

Goody bag from ELLE

My dates of the day<3

FOREVER 21 Leather Jacket // LUNARCULT Tennis Skirt // ADORABLE PROJECTS Shoes // H&M Layered Necklace

 Bye for now!
xo, MG

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  1. aku suka outfitnyaa:)

    love, angel.

  2. Chellaaa you're so cool! can't wait to meet you again :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
    Kindly read my fashion tips here :

    Thankyou ^o^


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