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How can you hate something that you've never tried before? Don't we need to at least try it before we tell people it sucks? Or maybe it's only me?

Well, I'm into working out these days. I love food. That's the only reason why I work out. I practice yoga from YouTube. I won't tell you it's easy because it's not. It's a torture to my not-flexible-body. But it's also a stress relieve. Some people with hard core work out will find yoga isn't helpful for them physically. I used to do karate and did boxing at home, so I know how it feels. I'm speaking based on experience.
But I tell you this: yoga helps me build my muscle. Not only my mind be more opened, my stress level is almost gone. I don't even feel depressed anymore. My waist is never been this small (even there's slightly some abs). My thighs are sculpted.

STRADIVARIUS Top // PULL&BEAR Culotte // H&M Bag // LUNARCULTS Tattoo choker and Moon necklace // ADORABLEPROJECTS Platform

I mean, there's nothing wrong with doing something you've never done. Instead of just mocking it. You can't judge anything before trying it yourself. Yeah, probably you will try it after reading this post ;)

xo, MG

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5 thoughts

  1. Great outfit! I'm also into fitness these days, but I'm going to the gym and the pool :)

  2. Nice look, love the culottes ;)

  3. You look so stunning!<3


  4. Really love youre outfit
    Black akways make good style :)

  5. Really love youre outfit
    Black akways make good style :)


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