Got Bleached

9:28 AM

So sorry for the lack of posts. I'm such a bad blogger, I know. I miss blogging so much but I don't have time for now because my final project's due is near. So nervous yet excited.

I want to talk about friendship again in this post. You guys probably bored but since I was born under a Gemini, I guess relationships are important to me.
Well, I won't talk much so you can scroll more to see the outfit I wore. Friendship for me is crucial. I'm a very loyal person when it comes to relationships. I don't really get it why someone hates me. Why they don't want to be friends with me again. I'm so sad.

Moving on, this was actually a late post. Did you notice any changes from me? Yeah, my hair! This is actually the first time that my hair get bleached. I had the opportunity to try a new hair coloring technique called hair strobing. The idea of it is to enhance the best part of your face. There are 3 parts you can enhance with this technique. Eye, cheek and jaw. I did the eye and cheek strobe. The final result is satisfying! I love every inch of it but the flow between each colors is too stiff and my hair looks like a tarantula from the behind. But it's okay! I'm still in love!

FOREVER 21 Crop Top // PULL&BEAR Highwaist Jeans

xo, MG

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4 thoughts

  1. Great look dear :)♥♥♥

    New post on my blog:

  2. I love the effect it has on your hair <3

  3. you looks so amazing! super cool <3 love your jacket


  4. RAMBUTNYA LUCUUU<3 love your new hair! xx



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