Black To Impress

11:13 AM

Haven't post anything since forever! Ah, I miss you guys. I miss my blog. So sorry for abandoning Pretty Messed Up. My final project is almost finished and I wish everything will be okay. I need your prayers and good luck wishes!

I'm such a sucker for black platforms. And this one is from Pull&Bear. I've been in love with this baby since a long time ago. And when finally they had a sale, I didn't need a long time to buy it. Turns out, it fits any outfits I have. Since it's black and most of my clothes are black. And this jumpsuit baby is from Newdress. I'm not quiet like the fabric because it looks cheap. You wouldn't know from this picture, anyway. So, I guess it's okay LOL.

NEWDRESS Jumpsuit // ZARA Striped Top // PULL&BEAR Platform

Well, see you again after my final project is done!

xo, MG

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2 thoughts

  1. Great post dear!♥♥♥
    New post on my blog:

  2. Ahh!! I'm also a picky person when it comes to fabric, I don't really like polyester and... itu loh, bahan yang kayak kaos kaki anak sekolah, tapi yang cheap gitu, yang panas, i hate it!!!:<



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