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I'm back again with an outfit post. If you're following me on Instagram, I bet you realize how many times I dress so mature. Even a blogger friend realized it and actually love it! It's not my intentions to look more mature. You know how I dress according to my mood. Maybe I'm mature enough to think about dressing up properly for my age.
I wore this vintage top, actually it's a hand-me-down from my aunt, I believe. It's from a local brand, The Executive. I love how the fabric is so comfy and not too thick, so it's airy. I paired it with buttoned denim skirt from Stradivarius I bought months ago in Bandung. It was on sale so I couldn't help but to bought it. Last but not least, a pair of black platforms from Pull&Bear. I love the brand so much, I can't count how many clothes I bought from there LOL.
The choker made everything looked perfect! I have this round and chubby face, so I never knew that wearing that thick choker is actually flattering. I knew if I had my hair down, my face would appear chubbier. So I made a half up half down hair, and surprisingly it made my face less chubby! A trick for you guys with round face like me..

THE EXECUTIVE Long Sleeves Top // STRADIVARIUS Buttoned Denim Skirt // PULL&BEAR Platforms // H&M Choker and Fringe Bag

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  1. You look great in that choker top!! <3


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