StyleWe Designer: MUKAS

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I have written about StyleWe before in case you're wondering. But if you haven't seen my last post about StyleWe, I will once again introduce you to them. StyleWe is an online shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They are committed to providing shoppers with original, high quality and exclusive fashion products form independent fashion designers. In sum, StyleWe is the best online store for you who want to wear different and cutting edge pieces.

Now, I will particularly talk about this spesific brand from StyleWe named MUKAS. Amber was the founder of the brand MUKAS. The theme of the brand is high end style, crafting with beadings, cut outs, embroideries and panels to reveal designer's attitude of craftmanship. Amber is the designer and the stylist of MUKAS itself.

Now the fun part. Here are some of my favorites from MUKAS!

Don't forget to check StyleWe pinterest and blog.
See you on my next post!


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