Parisian Style

11:15 PM

Well, it's been awhile since I blogged the last time. I miss this.
It's almost February already and I haven't got the thing that I want the most. That I NEED the most right now. I'll keep it a mystery at least until I got it. One resolution for this year is I want to start doing not wishing. I've done everything to get this particular thing but maybe it's not enough. I'm a woman with faith so I believe God will never let me be in this situation for too long. I believe He sees my efforts and hears my prayers. So, I'll just wait for it.

Through 2016 I've become more mature. I mean for my style. I'll always be a kid inside (the perks of being a Gemini!). Is that weird, though? Do you like how my style is more mature? Or do you like the grunge more? I understand if you can't pick one because I can't too. There's always a place and time for the grunge and vice versa. So far, I'm enjoying this chic and simple style. Anyway, this outfit reminds me of Parisian style. Don't you think?

BERSHKA White Shirt // PULL&BEAR Cullotte // ZALORA Buckle Flats // LUNARCULT Moon Necklace


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