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Well, hello!
Just updated the blog banner, how do you think? I thought about changing the name but I guess I won't because some people have already knew and familiar with the name. A friend even called me "pretty messed up" like, okay. I'm just hoping my blog name doesn't have anything to do with my life LOL.

The end of January is here, guys. Have you worked your ass off towards your goals and resolutions? Was it a good head start? Or is it a little bit late for you to start because the opportunity haven't opened yet? Either way, don't stress. Stop overthinking. Just trust your journey. Everything happens for a reason. Luck is just an alias for destiny. Trust me, because I've been there. In fact, I am there. 

I'm desperately waiting for something that hasn't come yet. I was stress. I overthought. My head was full with anxiety. But then it hits me. I realize overthinking and stressing something that I couldn't change only making me more and more stress. I'm changing to be a better person. A positive-thinker. I've been trying to eliminate negativity in my life. Although, there's something that I can't change. But overall, I'm trying to change from the overly pessimist to an optimist and positive person.
I realize everything is possible. I believe God is still with me and maybe my door hasn't opened yet. If I could change to be better, I know you guys can too. I used to thought that being depressed is cool. But not again. Being happy is cool. Be happy for yourself and for others. Don't waste a second in your life for being stressed and depressed. Find help. Talk to your family and friends. Know that everything is going to be okay. If it's a slow start for you, relax. Keep moving forward. Believe in God and trust your journey.

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See you again!


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4 thoughts

  1. Lovely skirt! :)

  2. I love hearing your thoughts about better life <3 be happy my dear, being stressed over something is a waste of time.

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. thank you for reading my thoughts!<3 and 100% agree with you!


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