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Hey guys, how's life?
Two weeks ago I got my hair colored at Irwan Team Salon Mall Kelapa Gading. If you followed L'oreal Indonesia you'd know that I won a hair transformation. It was a hard time for me to pick a color that I would look like normal people but still unusual. If only I'm not working in a strict company I would asked for crazier color. In the end, I opted for chocolate rose gold.

Three people handled my hair transformation. They were using Smartbond; a product from L'oreal that won't damage your hair after bleaching, coloring, perming, etc. They put it after the bleaching and coloring process. My hair couldn't thank enough!

So, here they are a few pictures of my hair transformation process. Look how boring my hair was!

My hair is freaking bleached! It's not on level 9 or 10 but it's enough to bring out the color. I'm thinking about platinum someday but we'll see!

There it is! My chocolate rose gold hair. It's still a subtle color but stand out. I can't thank enough. Go get yourself a hair transformation and ask for L'oreal Smartbond to lesser the damage of your hair.


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