2 Ways To Style Fishnet Tights

3:41 PM

Accesories are important to me. Even if it's just a tiny ring or a bracelet, I can't leave the house without it. Today I'm gonna share one or two tips to wear one of my favorite accesories: fishnet tights! Well fishnet tights is a tricky one. We sure don't want to be called trashy by wearing it. If you follow my tips and ways to style it, I'm sure everybody will call you a fashion star!

First look: Button down denim skirt.
I intend to look like a badass so I wear my striped top and denim skirt to wear above the fishnet tights. Top it off with the classic leather jacket. Little tips. Since I wear fishnet tights with skirt and I don't want to look trashy, I wear my platform heels instead of heels.

Second look: Paired with jeans.
Jeans are classic and timeless. Everybody can wear jeans. It's my favorite piece too. So I wear a tee and pair it with high waisted mom jeans. To look a little more stylish I wear my fishnet tights to add accents. See how it's elevated my entire look!

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