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It's only the second month of 2018. No big deals. Time flies. That's it. Do you spend your time wisely? Or you just go with the flow, whatever happens happen type of person? I have some resolutions and goals for 2018. Of course everything is to be a better me. In case I forget, I make a bullet journal. Always wanted to make one, to have one. So these days I've been making time to finish my bullet journal layout. Still a long way to go.

Anyway, I have this friend at work who is crazy about skincare. I've never thought about spending money for skincare. Maybe cosmetics but not skincare. She was surprisingly made me realize how important skincare routine is. I only buy skincare from drugstores before. But I was convinced to bought an entire skincare collection from Innisfree.

It is named the Winter Skin Care Puzzle Collection. I got 5 items in one box. The reason why I bought this series was because my serum was running out and it's limited edition. I thought it's affordable enough to biy the entire collection. What I got:
1. Green Tea Seed Serum (Full Size 80ml)
2. Orchid Enriched Cream
3. Black Green Tea Mask
4. Green Tea Sleeping Mask
5. Green Tea Mineral Mist

Bought it for IDR 415.000 while the serum itself is IDR 360.000 for normal price. What a deal!
I've tried all of them and I'm satisfied! Since it's only a haul, I will share my very honest review about each one of them on my next post.


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  1. the packaging looks so cute <3

    cheer, Michelle ~ https://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id


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