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9:00 AM

Hi there! I know I've been such a bad blogger. I have so many outfit to wear, many random thoughts to be written, but my real life job has taken over my whole life. But hey, I have one more day until holiday's over so why don't I just use it for a better purpose. Which is my passion.
I just got back from Bandung because few days ago was Eid. My loyal readers would know I always go to Bandung to visit mom's family whom celebrate Eid.
I didn't go to many places because the only reason I was there is to visit my family. But me and my family always manage to go to the mall (yes, typical Georgie). These pictures were taken there. I love the vibes that kinda reflects European buildings. My outfits kinda supported the vibes so I love it.
Honestly it's been a little while since I dressed up and took outfit pictures. My current job makes me less creative and less thinking. It's like I know I could do better but I'm too lazy and thr brain just won't think for itselfs.

Anyway, how do you like my outfit? I used my bonus to bought this shirt and that mini yellow bag. I spent a lot of money but it's well spent! I'm very satisfied. But since I haven't shopped for awhile, I still have 4 new pieces to show. Just wait for it, will you?

ZARA White Shirt and Bag // PULL&BEAR Jeans and Platforms // STRADIVARIUS Silk Scarf

On next post I will talk about my personal life. About what I think about marriage and how to deal with annoying people who keeps asking me when will I get married, etc. Stay tune!


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