Thick As Thieves

10:00 AM

Hi I'm back! I know I promised to post personal matter (read: marriage) in my next post. But this isn't. I just have so many outfit pictures that I didn't post to the blog. And here I am catching up..

So a friend told me, she thought my blog contained stories (yeah you know who you are). I know she loves reading stories as fictions. And I started to remember how I used to write short stories and poems. Not intended to following the hype but it's true. I still have my small green book with my poems written all over it. It was cheesy but I kinda love it. And maybe I still have my short stories saved in my laptop.

Writing will always be my way to express something. Well, beside the way I dress of course. Communication is not my thing. Yes, I communicate. But it's always be messy and straight-forward. With writings I can think about my words first before I publish them. I can say what I want to say in better words. Not messy. But hey, I'm working on my communication. 

H&M Nets Top // LOCAL BRANDS Vest and culotte

Onto my outfit. Honestly, I've gained weight since I started to work at a company. It's hard to wear my old outfit because the size were small (some of them even extra small). So I need to hide those flaws and imperfections because you people love perfection.

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