London Bridge Is (NOT) Falling Down

10:40 AM

I'm always the best writer inside my head. Long roads, loneliness, boredom; everything that makes me a great writer. Well, it's only exist in my head and I don't really feel like writing it down.

Until now.

Is it only me or have you ever felt like 'what I'm a doing in this big big world'? Maybe it's just me. Or my quarter life crisis is taking over. Or maybe it's just my INFJ nature. Who knows exactly?
I've been losing my purpose these days, and it's been going on for almost 2 years. It feels like I'm trapped in my own mind.
But you know what's really make me happy?
Dress up.

As shallow as it sounds, wearing nice clothes is making me happy. Such a mood booster.
Like this!

Almost looked like I'm in a park at the city in London (spotted my bucket list here!). My plaid pants supported it.

BERSHKA White tee // ZARA Plaid Trouser // MARKS&SPENCER Oversized Blazer // STRADIVARIUS Croc alike sling bag // PULL&BEAR Platforms and accesories


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