Taller In A Minute

9:00 AM

Hey petite readers!
Yes, you. Petites. This one is for you.
All my life I've been the shortie in any group. Thank God I've made peace with it so your words will not offend me. But it's every petites dream to look taller. Mine too. Because I don't have enough money to lengthen my knee (if it's even possible, or I watch 'White Chicks' too much), I decide my outfit will do the tricks.

First thing first, maxis are not your enemy. In fact, I borrowed my sister's cullotte. It's too big and obviously too long for me but that's just the way I like it. I tricked it with a belt. Put it in the waist so it created a long figure. It looked like I had long legs. I wish it was longer to cover my platforms so I looked even taller. What a trick, right?

Second, heels and platforms are your bestfriends. You don't have to wear it everyday but if you want to create a longer effect then you need those pieces. And at last, the bag. Clutch and mini bags are must haves. Oversized bags drown your whole body. If you want to look taller, use smaller bags.

ZARA White Top // PULL&BEAR Cullotte // COTTON ON Belt // ZARA Clutch // PULL&BEAR Platform Heels

So, how's the tips? I hope this post helps you to look taller. Despite everything, what makes a woman beautiful is not her height; it's her confidence. Not arrogance. Confidence.

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Bye for now.


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