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11:36 AM

Sorry for the very late update. Busy busy now! Anyway, I'm officially a college student (yeay!). As you know, I take communication design as my major. It's been 3 days my life in college. Today I'm off because my beloved city, Jakarta, has a governer election. Normally, I don't have a day off in this first semester.
I've found some new friends at my uni. Most of them are in design too. Fyi, I'm not good at making friends. So i'd be grateful if I just have one or two. But I really hope I have many friends there.
My uni is not too far. it's only 30 minutes from my house. But the journey is tiring! I don't have a car, so I have to go alone with a bus and another public transportation(we call it 'mikrolet' in Indonesia). Luckily, it hasn't rained in Jakarta. But the heat is oh.. my.. GOD!!
My dad told me that he will buy me a car. Just an old and cheap one. I hope it'll be fast. I can't wait!

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